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From an autoethnographical standpoint, my artefact is divided into two aspects.  Writing and producing. The writing aspect is the most crucial and pinnacle point revolving around my auto ethnographical artefact.  In order to delve into this experience, I will be consuming three types of media, Japanese monster film, Anime and Japanese Horror.  Mostly the writing will rely upon the films I watch stirring up past memories and or experiences, through this I will hopefully draw parallels with the films, myself and my understanding of Japanese culture. This will be aided by the inclusion of outside sources reinforcing the notions surfaced through the self-immersion. Lastly, I will touch on possible different interpretations of the material as a means of expanding the angle of approach.

The second aspect of the project is the choice of doing podcasts rather than flat out essays.  I feel this further adds a personal touch to the artefact thus thrusting my project into the meta, where an autoethnographical project may provide an autoethnographical experience to the reader.

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  1. I love the idea of podcasts as a digital artefact, anyone can anonymously sit behind a computer screen, so I think you’re right, it does add a personal touch. How are you going to describe the films you have experienced? Will you include sound bites? I think that it could be a little easier for an audience to understand your experience if they have the opportunity to see/watch clips themselves. Then again it’s not difficult for them to search for it, as long as you give a good enough description. There’s certainly a lot of great movie review podcasts out there so it’s not like it can’t be done, but is this something you will address as you compose your digital artefact?

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