A whole new fandom

A name. A name. A name. What name can i choose for my digital artefact (my tumblr blog)? As someone who is already well established with followers and friends in a another fandom on tumblr I’ve seemed to have forgotten how one starts off.

Tumblr itself is a weird mix of fandoms/fangirls, hipsters, anime, gamers etc. It’s like everyone fits into a category. Which is only something i just realised upon reflection of my own personal time on the site. There’s weird rivalries between fandoms and “hipsters” and i hate using that term because i hate to stereotype and the connotations that go with it on tumblr are usually not good.                                 People are usually self-deprecating, sarcastic and funny, at least on the popular text posts. And while the site started out as the place where misfits go to geek out, it still has a certain popularity ranking to it. However, the people that I personally have met through the site are kind people with similar interests. So it’s a wonderful way to make friends, f you know where to look.

It’s funny how one enters into a community and can immediately connect with them. However, you also need to know where to look.

Do i choose a name related to the old Sailor Moon? Or the new Sailor Moon Crystal? Should i try to make it an inside joke from the show? Hmm i don’t know enough to be able to do that.

I start by simply typing in Sailor Moon to the tag page in tumblr. Sailormoonscreeencaps, oshiokiyo and foreversailormoon are the first blogs to appear. I am unsure what oshiokiyo refers to as well as one of the tags usagi tsukino and for some reason my initial reaction is to think what have i gotten myself into. Apparently “Oshioki” means punishment or scolding, and the “yo” is a sentence-ending particle that’s like an exclamation point. Sailor Moon is saying, “I’ll punish you!” Which i find pretty cool. And now i feel like an idiot for not knowing that “Usagi Tsukino is the present-day form of Princess Serenity and the civilian identity of Sailor Moon.” What kind of fan am i? Granted i haven’t been involved with the Sailor Moon fandom since i was young.

I’m interested to see how Sailor Moon fans interact with technology as the only fan interaction i had as a child was with my friends when we would talk about it but now technology has changed the fan experience.

As i scroll through the pages i smile because it has some of the characters i remember from my childhood and that’s when i figured out my blog name: Sailor Moon is my childhood.

After looking through the site i already started thinking about my next posts, analysing my tumblr experience, fandoms, fan interaction, new fandom vs old, the role of technology etc but then i put that aside for a moment.

I realised how familiar most of the characters were and even though some of them were in different languages it still felt familiar which is odd as i don’t understand the language. It was just a feeling i got, a flashback from my childhood i guess.

I will continue to explore this and my journey into this fandom and the interactions with fellow fans.

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  1. I’ve never participated on Tumblr, and your experience and process of engagement on Tumblr was intriguing! You noted some forms of posts on Tumblr, but could you elaborate on the type of content you would post on your Sailor Moon page? And how will this be expressed in reference to your childhood? Perhaps you could relate this to how other Australians audiences experienced Sailor Moon as a child, how many have remained fans, or how many fans experienced the show as a child.


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