A Research Week – Babymetal

I wanted to incorporate into my Prezi presentation some background research about each of the groups I am focussing on, with a particular focus on Babymetal, as I wanted to really try and understand how a group of three young Japanese girls could come together to build a career around performing full on metal music across the world, and why I, along with the rest of the world, found their style and music to be so interesting and attention capturing.

I am going to be incorporating a lot of my research into my Prezi presentation but I wanted to note down a few of the things I have learned about Babymetal so far;

Babymetal formed in 2010 as a subunit of the Japanese idol craze with the aim that it would try and channel fusion metal and idol-styled music in what would become a “newborn” genre of metal. It features three girls – Su-Metal (16) as the lead vocalist, and Yuimetal (15) and Moametal (15) as the two back up dancers and singers. In their short career, Babymetal have already played a number of huge metal festival, including being the youngest act ever to play at the metal festival Loud Park in Japan alongside Bring Me the Horizon and Trivium among others.

Metal has always been a genre renowned for being hard-hitting, fast, heavy and confronting, and a typically male dominated genre. So what does this say about the future of metal if three young Japanese girls have captured the attention of metal fans across the globe? Is the idea of metal changing and being moulded differently? Are Babymetal challenging the genre or encouraging a greater audience of people who typically would avoid metal? Do we find ‘electro-metal’ to be more exciting or modern in today’s musical society? These are the questions I hope to be able to explore within my Prezi presentation, and present why I have personally been drawn to Babymetal, as well as other Japanese metal groups.

I spoke about transitioning through genres in Japanese metal in my last post, and I wanted to leave you with this Babymetal music video that perfectly encapsulates trying to fit as many styles into a song as you possibly can.

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  1. I love Babymetal ❤ I find their music weirdly refreshing if that makes sense? If you listen to songs from various metal bands and a song from Babymetal pops up it tends to stand out. For me it's the vocals, it is in another language and sung by females (which although are present in the metal industry are no where near as prevalent), but more importantly – it's fun. People doesn't usually associate metal and tweens who sing about eating chocolate and gaining weight… or at least not where I am from. Do you think it is possible that they make metal seem a little more friendly to non-metal listeners?


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