Here’s the plan!

Most of my work this week has focused on planning how to present my digital artefact. I have decided on a wordpress site which can be found here. On this site, I have created a number of pages where I will create a factual basis for my autoethnographic study by collating the information and sources I relied on throughout the weeks. I will then have a ‘reflections’ page where I post my thoughts/questions as I continue to research. I think this will satisfy the ‘autoethnographic’ requirement, aided by my embedded twitter feed where I will tweet questions and reflections as I continue to struggle my way through the language barrier and study Now On My Way To Meet You.

I want to focus my attention next week on refugee media in general. Indeed the reason I find Now On My Way To Meet You so fascinating is the deeply embedded notion of displacement. The stars of the show are attempting to bridge the gap between North and South Koreans, in the sense that as North Korean refugees they feel misunderstood in South Korean society. I’ve said it in a previous post, but it keeps drawing me back to an idea in our own context and that would be to have an Australian television show based around refugees assimilating into Australian society and I highly doubt that any commercial station would touch the idea. So what makes Now On My Way To Meet You a success? From discussion with my tutor this week, I have become interested in going further with this idea and exploring refugee media in a broader context and then comparing this to Now On My Way To Meet You.

Any thoughts on how to better my artefact and/or things I should post would be much appreciated!

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  1. Hey Courtney, great post!
    It seems like you’re on track with your assignment and your digital artefact looks well set up. Have you thought about maybe live tweeting while you watch each episode? It would be a good way to keep track of your thoughts on things as they’re happening. Sort of like your initial reaction without filtering or thinking about it too much. Also then with your embedded feed it would add to you digital artefact.
    Anyway I think comparing the different experiences of refugees in both situations would be a really good idea, and maybe also how they themselves have documented their experiences. Or how the societies document their stories.
    Hope I’ve been of some help, and good luck!
    – Gabi


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