Finding my way

So last week I had a look at Sailor Moon in the media which eventually transformed into Sailor Moon vs Barbie. However I have found myself unsure of which direction I am taking my project. After consulting Chris I decided to map out the areas of my project that I can possibly explore.

I’m making a Sailor Moon tumblr and engaging with the fandom and the new and old series as my project. I would like to explore tumblr, the community it has and the dynamic of the site. I would then like to dig deeper into how Sailor Moon is projected on this site.

Another aspect I want to explore is the old series vs the new series. I want to watch the new series and compare it to my memories of watching the old series as a child.

Then I would like to explore Sailor Moon in the market. What toys, games, merchandise can you get? As well as the aspect of costumes and dressing up as these characters.

I feel then I came make a post about the overall experience of the entire process and how researching this has affected me.


  1. Hi Kristy, sounds interesting! It would be interesting to also find the opinions of others who are already fans of Sailor Moon who have seen the new series, and then perhaps those who have never seen Sailor Moon, to watch the new series.

    Tumblr’s a great place to base your investigation since it’s a home to so many strong fandoms. If you want to look for another place to explore, check out r/sailormoon on Reddit 🙂 Content is posted frequently amongst fans and there’s a lot of discussion going on which you could perhaps participate in 🙂

    Hope that helps and good luck.


  2. I really like that you have gone with tumblr for your platform for your digital artefact. I feel like this is a platform that will not only allow you to engage with the fan culture, but allow you to join in. Tumblr is full of fantoms, so i don’t think you will have a problem finding ones that are related to sailor moon. I found this article about the history of sailor moon and how it has impacted america.


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