Digital Artifact: remembering my childhood

So it’s about time I talked about what my digital artefact for this subject is really going to be about. After a long and hard think about the subject and my own interests in japan media I decided to look at one of my all-time favourite shows; Dragon Ball Z!!! How exactly will I go about this though? Well, I thought the best course of action would be to reflect on the shows major battles and how I remember them as a kid and compare it to how I feel about them now.

I am choosing to post my artefact on my personal blog found here, and it will compose of about 4 major posts about 4 separate fights throughout the shows 4 main sagas. Each fight will have a recount of how I remember the fight going, a reflection on how I felt re-watching the fight plus an in depth analysis of the fight itself. The analysis will include stuff like looking at if the fight took from real life martial arts or is just what the animators felt like drawing at the time, how the public reacted to such a violent kids show being aired in the western world etc.

The 4 fights I have decided would be the best to watch for this artefact are 4 of the most influential fights to appear in the show over the sagas: Vegeta Vs. Goku, Freiza Vs. Goku, Cell Vs. Gohan, Kid Buu Vs. Goku. I have identified these has the key fights over the series as they are Iconic fights for the show. These fights in the show stand out to me because as a kid these were the 4 everyone talked about. Everyone talked about the first Goku and Vegeta battle as the beginning of a rivalry. Everyone remembers the first time Goku went super sayian against Frieza like they remember super sayian Gohan beating cell with the help of his recently deceased father. However, in this artefact I plan to expand on certain points about the show, whether it be the way parents reacted to kids watching the shows or if the fights in the show took from actual martial arts. Just recounting the events and memories isn’t enough for this because I want to delve into the show and the other factors surrounding it.


  1. Maybe as part of your digital artefact it would be wise to include an introduction to the culture of Dragon Ball Z, its creators, and the culture of Australian primary schools when we were kids, so as to situate your research in the appropriate context. More specifically, look at how growing up in Australia and consuming the media in such a context may have influenced your cultural experience compared with the experiences of other kids in other countries, because that may be the area in which the significance or uniqueness, or maybe the similarity of your experience, will stand out.


  2. I really like the approach you are taking to your digital artefact. It is similar to what I was thinking of doing in the beginning. The comparison of when you were younger and to now will be very interesting to read about, to see if there is any change in your opinions.


  3. I like your topic choice a lot, Dragon Ball Z was THE show when I was 12. Like Gemma said though, I think the unique way it was viewed in Australia would be good to look at, while comparing this with how it was viewed by Japanese kids. I know that it was funny sometimes when the boys in my new high school were a little reluctant to talk about ‘boys’ stuff (which included DBZ) with me, but it ended up being one of the things we bonded most over.


  4. Personally I know nothing about Dragon Ball Z but I think it’s a really great idea that you decided to focus on particular events within the show rather than trying to encompass the entire show. Comparing then and now is a really unique idea too, considering you watched it so long ago it’s like a whole new experience to be watching it again now. I’m sure you will have had a few different reactions to it now in comparison to when you were little!


  5. That’s going to be an interesting choice. Watching a show 10 years ago and watching it now always feels a little weird. You’ve got your nostalgia as well as your “adult” feelings fighting for dominance in your reshaped opinion. What would probably be a good idea would be to consider how the show developed as well. You’re looking at 4 different scenes but I’m assuming they weren’t all immediately after each other. I’d hope that the show evolved over time and maybe that would explain some of the differences between the first fight and the last one.


  6. I never watched DragonBall Z as a kid, but even I know about the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. Your artefact is a very interesting and hopefully you notice a few things that you missed as a kid. Looking forward to seeing the results of the contrast


  7. Having done a similar topic [childhood shows] i like that you chose Dragonball Z because that would have been my other choice. My twin brother is a huge fan of these and as 21 year olds and his friends are all names of those characters in each others phones. I like that something from our childhood and another culture can still influence us as we’re older. Comparing the fights is a really good idea. I’m comparing old and new versions and i just find yours to be an interesting way to look at it.


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