Thinking about money…

Moving forward into understanding all the different types of Asian social media I begin to think about the way that we use social media. I have discovered that is it very different to the way that we use social media. The video below is an interesting exploration of the way that Asian social media is growing and how it is growing in a different way to the Western cultures.


Interesting to note that the amount of Chinese internet users is 5 times larger than the population of France (think about how BIG the asian social media community REALLY is!)



66 million X 5 = 330 millon Chinese internet users. Now that’s a lot of people! 

What I found out from this video and my own research is that Asian social media sites have very different business models compared to Western cultures. Gree for example makes 80% of their revenue from their users and only 20% from advertising.

But when we look at the revenue made in advertising on Facebook it makes up over 50%. Facebooks “mobile ads made up 53% of ad revenue in Q4, the first time they peaked over 50%, and now account for 57% of ad revenue” (Constine 2014).

Therefore the difference between Gree and Facebook profits come from completely different places. Highlighting the fact that Facebook relies on advertising to make money while Gree is actually making money from its users.

I had a look into the social networking site Gree. Gree focuses primarily on mobile games and over ninety percent of its users access the site via their mobile phones, promoting ease of use for the user. The company makes money by selling virtual goods to its users, example clothing items. This is the primary way that they make money.

I decided to emerge myself into the platform ‘Gree’ which is available here in Australia (yay). I decided lets play the first game that I could find on the website, this was to get an idea of what type of games they offered. Here is the trailer to the game I played…




After playing the game I surprisingly didn’t feel too confused or overwhelmed, the games were simple enough that basic information was all I needed. I didn’t feel like I didn’t know what was going on, which was GREAT – in comparison to other Asian networks I’ve attempted to use. The gameplay in itself was quite easy to grasp (even for a non-gamer like myself). You are able to create a super powered team of fighters to prepare for battle. It is a fast passed action game. Which I was terrible at, but that’s just a given as I’m not good at any game! Personally I feel like Gree has come up with an easily accessible social networking platform (FOR EVERYONE); as an Australian I am able to play the games and immerse myself in the content. Unlike other social networking sites, for example Mixi, I wasn’t even able to make an account – even after I’ve translated the page into English. Gree was easily accessible and easy to comprehend and understand – it just seemed like another games page.

Next I guess it would be to try it on my mobile… I dare you to give it ago!


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  1. This is a really interesting distinction between the two social networking sites. I always knew that FB made a lot of money through their advertising but I just thought that was average of all social media platforms.
    Also really interesting that the platform isn’t exclusive to a certain region. I wonder though, do platforms such as these only have use and validity when all your friends are using them as well? Or do you think it would be something you would use regularly?


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