Anime and Manga in U.S.

Consumption of Manga and Anime in U.S. is very high and it is very popular. Finding Manga and Anime in U.S. is quiet easy compared to other countries, such as India. There are a lot of Manga and Anime store around the countries and there is also a website that help you find the store. Manga and Anime is very popular in U.S. and North America, according to ICv2, 55 percent of graphic novel that was release in North America in 2008 was Manga.

Popularity of Manga and Anime come from the fact that it is easy to find a store that sells them and it is also easy to buy online. Many big stores such as Kinokuniya, Walmart, Best buy and Barnes & Noble do sell Manga in their store. Even though U.S. have a long history of comics dominated but ‘you now may have to go to the bottom shelf to find your favorite Spider-man or Batman title’. Online is another great place to but Manga and Anime. One of the biggest online store Amazon also sell Manga and Anime and sometimes at lower price.

Now, let us look at fan and fan culture of Manga and Anime in U.S. Fan of Manga and Anime can interact with each other through website or at convention. There are a lot of Manga and Anime related conventions that being held in U.S. One of the biggest Anime Conventions in U.S. is Anime Expo with estimated attendance of 61,000 in 2013. Internet has provide fan with ability to interact with other who share the same interest and that is why huge amount of activity is taking place online. Fan can interact with each other when they meet in the convention that being held or online. There are countless Anime and Manga club in many cities all around the country. There are at least 15,000 website related to Manga and Anime listed on Google. Furthermore, an online community website Livejournal hosts 425 communities focusing on Anime and 395 communities focusing on Manga. Nowadays, fan not only just consume the content but they also creating content such as fan art or fan fiction.

After exploring and looking at Manga and Anime culture in U.S., its occur to me that Manga and Anime is very popular which is quiet surprising. I know that Manga and Anime is quiet popular but i don’t know that it is this popular. I presume that superheroes comics is dominating U.S. market but Manga actually more dominating (In 2008, 44 percent of the North American graphic novel sales is Manga).

There are many reasons why I believe Manga and Anime became popular in U.S. One reason is because fan can feel that they are not alone and there are a lot of people that share the same interest and it is also easy for them to interact with each other. Another reason is because of the mainstream exposure to Manga and Anime which is easy to find and access. Many stores sells Manga and Anime including big store such as Walmart and it is also easy to access and read online, many Anime also broadcast on television. In some countries, Anime is hardly broadcast on television or other mainstream media and that result in small number of new Anime or Manga consumer because they don’t know what its like, only someone who have friends that interested in Manga and Anime or someone who watch it on other media will be it consumer because they will know what its look like and decide whether to like it or not. On the other hand, many Anime has been broadcasting on U.S. television and that result in huge number of people see it and many might like it and become Manga and Anime fan. HERE are some of the anime on U.S. television from 1963-2008.



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  1. Although anime and manga is available to purchase in stores, in my research I have found that it is easier, like you have stated, to purchase it online. Whether you are purchasing the physical DVD or you simply download it (legally) straight onto your computer it is much more convenient.
    As you have also said, a lot of discussion about anime and manga is had online which may be the cause for most of the purchasing being online. The culture is spread online very rapidly.


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