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I honestly wasn’t really sure on how to present my topic of YouTube and Diaspora, but have finally settled on doing a WordPress blog (simply a dedicated page on my personal blog) and presenting a new YouTuber each week. In their profile I will give information about them and their channel as well as discussing my experience in watching their videos. 

To make sure the posts are consistent I intend to look at the same criteria for each person/profile

  • Name, age, occupation and the usual introductory bits and pieces
  • What is the channel about (Beauty, music, gaming etc.)
  • Cultural content and Cultural experience perhaps looking at cultural representation
  • Evidence of audience exerpeince

I’m definitely open to more ideas on what I should be looking at in regards to YouTubers. I don’t necessarily want to look at YouTube ‘stars’ but feel it would be good to look at both ends of the spectrum. I also think I would like to look for users IN Asia as well as in other countries to see how and if their experience differs. 

At the end of every post, it would be important to make sure I comment on my personal experience of watching YouTubers I have never watched before as well as watching some old favourites under a new light. 

Here is a link to my personal blog if you would like to follow the experiences I have 


  1. Hey Lauren,
    Wow, your topic sounds so interesting! Especially for you, as I know you are so into YouTube and video blogs! It’s great that you’ve found something that you can personally relate to.
    I like how you’ve included the concept of ‘diaspora’ – this really opens up your research to a whole other platform of possible users that you could profile.
    I think something else you might be able to do is look into different Asian YouTubers who may be part of a diasporic group in a different country (such as a Korean living in the US) and compare them to someone from a different nation (like a Japanese person living in Australia) and look at their similarities and differences, in terms of the content that they talk about and post!
    Just an idea, good luck!


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