The world of K-pop!

For my final project I will be making a Prezi exploring the different aspects that make up the K-pop industry. To do this I will be looking at five different aspects that make up the k-pop industry including:

  • Looking at popular K-pop stars and how they use their social media site, e.g. sponsorships
  • Investigating the k-pop characteristics, what sets this aside from normal pop music? E.g. sound, fashion, dance, makeup and overall presentation.
  • I will be looking at the fan culture and how k-pop stars have extreme success
  • The industry side of k-pop, e.g. their contracts, the way the industry is run.
  • The k-pop movement, why has this genre of music taken off all around the world.

I have chosen to explore k-pop due to my personal interest, particularly in the industry and the overall lifestyle that comes with being a k-pop star. I have found major differences in the overall culture when comparing it to western pop industry’s culture. I also believe that this topic needs to be talked about as it is not really brought to our attention about the way the industry is being run with the so called “slave contracts” and also how musical talent has no influence in the scouting of k-pop stars, its all based on beauty. Lastly K-pop has made major impacts on Korea’s overall opinions on beauty, which has led to this pro-plastic surgery movement to make yourself look more western.

I will presenting all of my findings in a Prezi. I believe that a Prezi is the perfect platform for my digital artefact as it allows me to be both visual and include information, without it being in one huge chunk. I also feel like it will allow me to explore each idea and still be able to link them, turning it into a form of digital storytelling. At the end of the prezi I will include an account of my personal experience and my overall opinion and understanding of the K-pop world.

One comment

  1. Looking more and more into the world of K-Pop and all of the elements that it’s composed of – performance, musicality, fashion, masculinity and sexuality – it’s great to see more research being done of it. I personally found it quite interesting about how a huge amount of K-Pop’s appeal is based on its visual aesthetic as you mentioned above. Their is so much more emphasis placed on beauty and visual performance and it’s great to see this being further explored. Looking forward to reading more!


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