Super Easy, Super Junior

Over time, the way that celebrities have interacted with their fans has dramatically changed. For instance, in the 1960’s when the Beatles were at their height of fame all over the world, the main way in which fans interacted with the band was through live broadcasts over TV and radio, or either in real life (for example, at live events).

Nowadays, there are countless ways in which fans are able to connect with their favourite artists. One of the primary ways they are able to do so is through the power of social media – i.e., Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most artists either have a collective page in which their official updates and programs are posted to the public, as well as personal accounts just like everyone else.

This is highly beneficial to each artist’s popularity – it gives a better way for the artists to procure more fans, and from a variety of locations – the internet has no boundaries!

To demonstrate this shift in interaction, I looked into Korean boy-band Super Junior and their popularity over different social media platforms and how their fans reacted to this.

I am a rather huge fan of the band myself, among other Western boy bands (One Direction!) so it was very interesting for me to see how this differed to other Western artists.

I found Super Junior’s official Twitter account, which has over four million followers. Although this proves they are hugely popular, I really could not understand anything that was going on due to the fact that every single tweet was in Korean – and there was no option for me to translate to English.

This proves that although Super Junior have become known worldwide, their main fan-base is still situated in their home country of Korea.

Although I am a large fan of the band, I quickly lost interest in exploring their social media practices due to the difficult language barrier.

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