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As my autoethnographic research will be looking into the culture of cosplay, specifically gaming cosplay I thought it fit to base my research around my own first hand account of an Assassin’s Creed cosplay costume creation. As a non gamer I feel as though this may be a little out of my league so in order to successfully portray a characters costume I feel like I need to explore the world of Assassin’s Creed a little more.

To do so, I could play the game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, the third largest game producer in the world… But I’m hopeless at that so I decided to watch someone else playing instead; after all, that’s what the internet is for.

At first, I thought I would try out the ‘twitch TV’ website that everyone in this subject seems to be raving about to see if it had anything worth watching, but in all honestly I just couldn’t understand it and I turned back to my trusty YouTube for some answers. Typing in ‘Assassin’s Creed’ I immediately found their official YouTube channel (AssassinsCreed) and began flicking through some videos.


Ezio is the character which I have decided to base my costume on, and after reading his Wiki, I thought I would start by seeing what I could find on ‘Assassins Creed: Brotherhood’ hence the trailer.

My immediate thought when I saw this was “um.. Is this an actual movie?” The graphics are so life like that until I actually saw close ups I was a little confused. As I don’t know the full extent of the games storyline, I am still struggling to understand, but from what I have seen it seems extremely action packed with lots of fighting and violence – I love it!


Ok, I had to share this. You may think I am totally idiotic, but I never knew that this whole game is based on a guy’s (Desmond) past life memories being exposed! The cinematic features of the game revealed by this let’s play are helping me to understand it more and I feel as though I’m learning so much already! It is sort of reminding me of a more ancient, awesome Avatar, with a much better plot and less blue forest people; mainly due to the whole technology forcing you to experience another world aspect obviously.

Throughout my viewing of this, I was in awe at all of the amazing graphics and realism, I still am. No wonder so many people are obsessed with this game! I know I still need to watch the next few parts to fully get the jist of it all but this intro to the world of Ezio has me hooked.

The costumer which I will be adapting through cross play and adding Asian Samurai Elements to. Source:

The costumer which I will be adapting through cross play and adding Asian Samurai Elements to. Source:

This costume creation is going to be harder than I though, because examining Ezio’s costume throughout these videos makes me realise that there are A LOT of specific features which will need to be incorporated and he has many different robes which I will need to consider. I often put a lot more effort than is needed into things like this but I am determined to make it work! Who knows, I might become an avid gamer in the process.

This was just an introduction to get my myself familiar with what I’ll be working with over the next few weeks. I am still yet to explore many elements of the cosplay culture including:

– ‘Convention culture’ how cosplay started and where it is today
– Gender dynamics such as crossplay and the use of make-up and costume sexualisation
– Comparison of the clothing/robes and actions of 16th century Roman assassins within the game with 16th century Asian Shinobi (Ninjas).
– New global markets which have emerged and are currently emerging from this culture, and how online platforms are aiding in this expansion.

More elements may come to me in the next few weeks as my research becomes more in depth, but for now i’ll leave you with those ramblings and get stuck into my costume design!

Feel free to hit me up with any other aspects of cosplay culture you would be interested in reading about!


  1. I would be curious to see how you plan to link this content back to ‘Digital Asia’ and cosplay throughout the continent, or in some other way. Having played the series and Ezio being my favourite assassin, I would say that you may have some trouble with linking Ezio himself (his character thread) to Asian cultures beyond the idea of ‘ninjas’ because Ezio’s main storyline occurs in Italy (Europe). I would strongly recommend that you swing your focus to the first assassin, Altair, whose storyline occurs during the Third Crusade, which stretched across areas of Syria and Palestine (countries that are part of the Asian continent). You could look at how the game’s interpretation of this real history is conveyed through story, costume and game design (environments etc), and possibly look for cosplay of Altair throughout Asia.

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    1. That actually sounds fairly interesting! But I was thinking that It’s not necessarily ezio himself I’ll be linking to the digital Asia, but the culture of cosplay and how it branches across both asian and global markets. Ezio’s costume is just something I’ll be using to express my own auto ethnographic involvement in this art. But that is definitely something I’ll consider.. Thanks for the input! Good to hear from someone who knows a lot more about it than myself!

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  2. Interesting take. It’s so interesting how cosplay itself originated in Asia. It would be interesting to investigate also how and specifically when it became such a phenomenon in Asia, and then how and when it spread throughout the rest of the world. Another interesting thing is how dreadful the costume industry in Australia is. I was talking to a friend of mine who used to live in America and she said, if you just walk into one of the craft/costume stores your mouth will drop and you will buy everything.

    Are you thinking of attending a convention? Oz Comic Con is in Sydney in 2 weeks, which will be a phenomenal experience!


    1. Yeah that is definitely one of the angles I’ll be taking! Oh i did research that but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, I’ll try to send my brother though! It would be awesome to get some footage from a convention to use for my documentary!

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  3. Not really being a gamer myself, but being intrigued by the culture nonetheless, it was really interesting to hear about the origins of Ezio and the culture behind the game. You’ve certainly got your work cut out for you, but I look forward to really seeing how it all comes together!


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