Research Project finally decided – Alternative Thai music scene

This week, I have finally decided on the final topic for my digital research project for DIGC330. Yes, I know this took me a while to hone in but I felt as if I didn’t have a certain direction – until now.

I have decided to look into the alternative music scene in Thailand, with a focus on particular artists’ social media practices. It will be interesting to discover which artists favor which platforms, and to delve into why these choices may have been made by some.

To do this, I will be finding examples of artists from Thailand that embody the alternative music genre – but not until I define what can be considered alternative! I chose to specifically focus on music from Thailand due to the sheer number of musicians that hail from there – it’s actually quite surprising to discover how big the indie music scene is in their country.

I think this definition is necessary if you want to find appropriate artists and delve into what makes them ‘alternative’ rather than ‘mainstream’. It will also be interesting to find out why these two ends of the spectrum are so different.

This video helped to introduce me to the different kinds of bands that I will be dealing with when researching alternative Thai music. To give a more personal feel to the project

I have chosen to listen to a few different bands in depth and find out which ones I like the most, and try to discover why this could be.

Being a big fan of mainly Australian alternative music myself, I feel as though this could be a very interesting comparison to make – between Thai and local Australian bands.

Through this research, my digital artifact will soon begin to take form. I am planning on making an annotated playlist using music-streaming platform SoundCloud of a variety of different alternative Thai bands, including ones that I did like and also was not really a fan of.

I will include commentary on each track, discussing the make-up of each song, and why this has affected my research.

Although it did take me a little longer than expected to settle on a final research topic, I am happy with the direction in which my project is headed, and can’t wait for you all to see the final result!


  1. It is great to hear that you have decided on your final topic and I think you have decided on a great topic in the end. I think you will find it very interesting looking at the different ways that different artists use the internet and social media practices to connect and interact with their audiences.

    I remember in a previous blog post you were talking about the way that these alternate artists in Thailand did not make much use of the platform, Twitter however most of them used Facebook on a regular basis. This would be an interesting topic to dig deeper into this and really question why they use this particular platform more then the other. It may also be interesting to do a cross cultural comparison between the artists that you like in Australia and the artists in Thailand and the different (or similar) ways that they use social media.

    Goodluck and enjoy!


  2. Hey Keely!
    This post is quite interesting. I love when you start doing a bit of research into music (or even other things) and find out awesome new things that you didn’t even know about. You finding an interest in alternative Thai music is just one example of this. Hopefully you find more and more things that interest you throughout your research! I can’t wait to read more!


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