I finally have a topic!

So after the tutorial last week and briefly  discussing my ideas with Chris, I am happy to announce I finally have a topic! Reddit. Whilst I have a feeling that others are doing Reddit, I will be focusing on Japanese culture as a whole on Reddit. While this may seem like a sort of whimsy topic, I believe it it the perfect starting point and will help me delve into the sort of lesser known sub reddits out there.


Screenshot 2014-09-03 18.54.13

Throughout the course of this research i aim to look in to areas that you normally wouldn’t find or go looking for. While there is Anime, Gameshows, Manga, J-POP, J-Rock etc. What about Japanese News? Sports? or life in general. The aim here is to gain a more well rounded perspective of how the more every day parts of Japanese culture is represented online and also what prompts these areas to make an appearance online.


Screenshot 2014-09-03 18.38.34
Whilst looking around through some of these reddits, I’ve found out some fun facts about Japan like; The average cost to repair a car that has hit a deer. Answer; about 425 000 Yen. Or, the Japan Airlines will start serving KFC on flights to Tokyo. Who would have thought the Japanese were so fond of some fried Chicken? These are the facts Im tyring to discover, and again, what is prompting people to post these things. As you can see from the image to the right, there is also seems to be a large non-Japanese presence in these sub-reddits. Hopefully by the end of this course I will be able to answer this.


  1. Cool, I’m doing a similar topic to you. It’s going to be interesting seeing the different things we both learn in the end since there’s such a strong diversity of content on the platform. On my trip to Reddit I’ll mainly be focusing on anime, manga, cosplay, and pop culture associated. I was scrolling through summon and I found quite a few good scholarly articles written about Reddit, Japanese Culture and a few other interesting topics. It might be worthwhile to have a look, some of the articles might help to inform, and broaden your knowledge about the platform or culture 🙂


    1. Oh cool, yeah that will be pretty cool to see what we find, I feel like there is going to be a lot more content than we think, it just will take the right searches to bring it out, that’s the beauty of a site like reddit. Thanks for that, I will definitely check it out!

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