Genres of Research and The Basis of my Artifact.

Short of actually watching every film, as part of my artifact I have chosen to analyze and provide auto ethnographical accounts of three particular Japanese Films. Firstly so as to remain fresh and provide an air of variety the three films I choose will be from different genres. Whether the genres be created by Japanese Films, adopted into the culture or splintered into its own ‘Japanese’ sub genre. Essentially, the whole idea of gathering evidence from different genres was to display a change in Japanese cinema.

I want to start my journey with, what I believe is the most iconic genre associated with Japanese Film – The Monster Film. Most prominently, the most pivotal Monster Film ever made – Godzilla.

This idea of monster films being the epitome of Japanese films makes my first decision easy to make. The idea of giant monsters and robots destroying cities has always excited me (especially at younger ages). Through analysis of his original monster, I will understand the influence of Japanese film on my childhood excitements. Perhaps even, this new discovery will awaken a dormant monster within me, which craves entertainment value in destruction films (wow so meta).

Secondly, an obvious choice to analyze, and I have skimmed the fat off this juicy Japanese-associated genre in previous posts, I will be analyzing an anime film. Originally my love of this medium stemmed from the original Pokémon series so this may be enjoyable. Which film I will be consuming – I have not decided. However I want the choice to be as blind as possible to as to perhaps evoke inactive emotions whether it be through nostalgia or subconscious association (such as the convergence of western and eastern cartoons, leaving shreds of anime in mostly western shows). My only real consumption of Anime in film form is Spirited Away, if you have any suggestions on what to watch please let me know (but don’t reveal any of the plot, name only please!).

Lastly, a genre consistently upheld in Japanese cinema, but not confined to it. Horror. Again I haven’t chosen a specific film and am trying to steer away from the stereotypical Grudge however this short list seems to be the best bet. Now I am no horror film buff, but I will try to remain sane during the consumption… : ‘(

I am mostly interested in the horror genre so as to identify the cultural themes consistent within the film.

This is just a quick overview of each genre, I will be researching them more in depth in later weeks. It really did not take me long to decide which genres to focus on, perhaps Japanese culture is instilled within me already…


  1. Although it may be a little mainstream, as you mentioned spirited away I would suggest watching any studio ghibli film, I have seen them all and they all have similar features (i.e friendly life sized ‘animal’ friends) which resonate between them and it could be interesting to find out why this is used, other than the obvious cuteness of animated creatures. But apart from that I love the angle you are taking. How are you going to display it in a digital artefact? Or do you think an essay would be more appropriate? .. Good luck with the horror movie element – i’m not a fan either!


  2. Monster culture is a really great idea for an artefact (I would know, I am doing something similar ;P) It would be especially interesting to compare Godzilla in its original Japanese heritage to the more modern remake in America and see how much the genre/themes of the film changes.


  3. Hey! I love the detail on the movement of the digital age in Asia and the technological developments. I think Monster culture is a great idea for a digital artefact. There is an article by Andrew Hock-Soon Ng called Monsters in the Literary Traditions of Asia: A Critical Appraisal, it is a really good read and goes into detail about monster culture in different parts of Asia and growth of it all. I feel like this could give you good research content for your final DA. Thanks!


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