I need to learn Korean

My investigation this week turned to looking at online reactions to Now On My Way To Meet You. This was both difficult and frustrating. I searched various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and WordPress and the results were next to nothing. I feel like I have hit a brick wall in the sense that I can’t find any fresh content. Everything that has been shared and/or spoken about online is an article or commentary on the show that I have already read. There was one single tweet in the entire Twitterverse about Now On My Way To Meet You and the entire tweet was, ironically, in German sharing a UK Telegraph link to an article about the show, that again, I had already read.

I did a tiny bit of research into social networking in South Korea and it seemed that the social media site Cyworld was extremely popular, but when I looked further it was shut down in 2014, said to be ‘taken over by Facebook’. Twitter is said to be very popular in South Korea, as well as two other micro-blogs me2day and yozm, but they have also been shut down this year.

In a further attempt to research the show this week I tried looking for torrents online streaming of episodes. Even the most reliable sites that seem to have everything and more including Pirate Bay and isoHunt came up with no hits. This astounded me. Then I thought perhaps I should actually try search the show in Korean so I searched Ije mannareo gamnida … still nothing.  I am likening this experience to a good friend who has recently moved to America and has been unable to access the show Australian show Offspring, even though it can be watched online on the Channel 10 website, dueto US internet walls.

Finally I found a number of episodes on HanBeat that say they have English subtitles. The problem is, the video options are in Korean and I’m yet to figure out how to turn the English subtitles on. This week (when I get the subtitles working) I plan to watch a couple of full episodes and document my viewing experience.Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.03.34 pm

I think that I am frustrated mostly because these are the platforms that I expect to find social commentary. I’ve become accustomed to this notion that the internet knows all; that its the answer to all of my questions. However in this case, internet, you’re really letting me down. Is it because the show has no gained much critical reception in Australia, the United States or the United Kingdom? This is something I hope to figure out. 

At the beginning of my research I was set on the essay component, but I think now I am leaning more towards a digital artifact as I feel it will allow me to better express and detail my experience. At the moment I am unsure of the platform I will use, I’m tossing up between Tumblr or a Prezi? Also if anyone knows how to get the English subtitles on, that would be appreciated too. 



  1. Hey Courtney, not sure if you saw it already but one of the stars of ‘Now On My Way To Meet You’ was on dateline last night, telling her story you can watch it on demand here http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/319789635583/Dateline-2-September-2014, she was also going to be answering some questions on twitter afterwards and there was some Australian responses to her story on there as well (twitter still confuses me). Anyway her name is Yeon-mi Park, https://twitter.com/search?q=%23sbsdateline&src=typd hope this helps!


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