Ouran High School Host Club… again.

SourceFedNerd has a segment called “Anime Club” hosted by two people, one who loves anime and one who hasn’t seen much or any anime, and they talk about their experience with watching the show. This video is an example of autoethnography in the form digital storytelling in that it is two people talking about their experience of watching “Ouran High School Host Club” (which relates to my own personal autoethnographic study). Meg Turney (who enjoys and regularly watches anime) explains the show to give both Ross Evertt (the anime novice) and the audience more understanding.

They use video as their digital media and the platform of choice is YouTube. Through this medium they are able to speak directly to the audience about their experience with watching Ouran High School Host Club and are also able to communicate with their audience about what the members of their audience experienced when watching said show. This creates an ongoing conversation in the comments about other peoples personal stories relating to anime and how they felt about it. Most of the comments on this particular video all said that “Ouran High School Host Club” was not the anime to start with for someone who is new to anime, which I absolutely agree with because it’s a parody so you need to have an understanding of anime clichés to grasp the humour. Other than that being the main comment others focused on listing reasons why the loved the show as well as suggesting other shows to be watched on Anime Club.

Through watching this example of digital story telling and hearing Meg and Ross’s stories regarding anime it’s very relatable to me because I myself experienced a similar thing. Ouran High School Host Club was not the first anime I ever watched and I was already aware of the fact that the show was a little bit out there the first time I watched it however I still experience moments of “what the hell is happening”; particularly in relation to the concept of a Host Club itself as well as the use of “twincest”. It was interesting to hear two different experiences because my own experience sat somewhere in the middle; a combination of “this is the weirdest show I’ve ever seen” and “I love this show!”.

Has any one else seen Ouran High School Host Club? Or hear of it? Or had that experience of “what is this weird anime I’m watching” with another show?


  1. I like the idea of having two different opinions in the video. I feel by doing this they can gain a more well rounded view of the experience as opposed to two people well versed with anime culture or two not so well versed individuals giving their opinion. I haven’t watched any of Ouran High School Host Club but I think I might check it out after reading this.


  2. This video is very similar to what I am doing in my group assessment. It is great to know that this type of expert teaching the novice idea works, and that people enjoy it. The way that you included your own experience parallel to theirs was an interesting touch and it worked well.
    Nice work with your post, it looks like you have an interesting topic.


  3. I really liked the video! Short and sweet and the hosts were energetic without being overbearing (which I sometimes find with youtube hosts). Seems viewers like it too.. over 6,000 comments.. wow.

    Anyway I’m glad you posted this because as someone who isn’t too deep in the anime game I would definitely use these guys as a resource to find out what I should and shouldn’t be watching based on my tastes. And it’s cool that the girls seems to know a lot about Japan so there’s some broader cultural knowledge to be gained there.

    Anyway I looked into the anime review genre a little bit more about found that someone has reviewed their favourite reviewers. Oh youtube, so meta.


  4. I was introduced to Ouran High School Host Club from a friend who loves watching anime. It was showing on Netflix and she suggested to watch it seeing as it was my first time watching any sort of anime. I had many questions and much like you I was between “what am I watching?!” and “oh I love it!”. If you were to do a similar video as SourceFed, I think it would be a good idea for an ethnography project as it doesn’t have bias and it shows two sides, one person learning about a culture and one who seems to have a vast knowledge. I like that the video is short and sweet but at the same time I slightly crave more information from them and wish to know more about why or how Ouran High School Host Club represents Japanese culture i.e. how the different hosts (the twins, the young boy, the intellectual one etc) give an insight to, I guess, sexuality in Japan.

    I enjoyed your report and I liked that you compared information by including yourself and your own experience.


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