Thailand – Making Horror holistic

Right on the edge of the peripheral I found a message board that presents a forum for New Thai Horror films. This is a space for anyone to discuss specifically new Thai horror films they’ve seen or hope to see soon. The contribution from users of the site is varied, some go into detail about the film and the people involved in making it, others give a quick synopsis of a film they recommend. The forum is located on an online magazine called Fortean Times – originally an English magazine started in the 70’s. This may not seem like a very a peripherally popular additive to the internet, however, I think the specificity of the topic counts towards limiting the chance of it gaining popularity. Then again, my searching skills may be at fault so if you know of a better place to find organised commentary on only Thai horror movies, please let me know.

After reading a few I chose to have a look at ‘Necromancer’ – a Thai Action Horror Thriller, I see a pattern developing here, (cont’d from last week’s post featuring Horror Comedy) it seems that I have an attraction to Horror when it is mixed with another genre, I think this is because Asian cinema sees Horror as more malleable for incorporating other genres than I expected Horror to be.

‘Necromancer’ felt to me like watching something very cool and tough, like I was hanging out with a film that was a rock ‘n’ roll star, not much dialogue was included but it seemed better for it. The action scenes were intriguing, there was an intelligent use of framing around the characters, and just as much attention paid to the editing. My interpretation about how the Thai culture was presented in the film was of one I would like to get to know more about. How the body was used in spiritual rituals and the movements that the camera picked up on made me think that a higher regard for the mysterious nature of the body may be given in Thailand than I am use to in my own culture. I will be investigating this further to test it.

Looking further for something that is perhaps more association with community development on the internet than the fortean website, I found the House of Horrors website. This website is dedicated to informing people about Horror movies, it started in 1997 and the vibrant armature tone of it highlights how its curators have continuously added subjects and categories to facilitate any Horror movie watching experience, by primarily doing so through suggestions from users received over time. The message board has also been made into a fairly active place for people to connect and find niche Horror movies – encouraging their knowledge to be expanded upon and shared.


  1. Ok wow, for someone who knows nearly nothing about horror movies in general let alone asian ones these online spaces where people come together to share ratings, reviews etc is a real eye opener. In regards to the Thailand body rituals situation I may be able to help, apparently In their culture part of their religion or ‘bible’ of sorts is focused on the human body – which is why they all know so much about ‘thai massages’. But back to the focus – You’ve really intrigued me into wanting to watch this film. Not much dialogue? I can’t even imagine. I’m really curious to know more about how this asian film culture, it seems so different to what i’m used to


  2. Hi,

    I found your post very intriguing as I have had a lot of exposure to horror movies overtime and I think that the specificity of these sites is almost surprising. But then I remembered that we are talking about the internet so all niche interests are catered for.

    It seems to me that this site would be located in the ‘deep web,’ meaning that it is only accessible if you know the site or go through the access portal, Fortean Times. This makes it very difficult, as you stated, for those who aren’t aware of the site to ever access it. In saying this, you managed to find it, so I assume it is easy for those who know where to search. The movie you watched also sounds very interesting and perhaps your interpretation of the spirituality could be understood further through looking at the national religion, Buddhism. I am quite sure that 90%+ of the country are Buddhist and this certainly would have some influence on the production of their films.

    The observation that Asian cinema collaborated horror with other genres is also a very interesting point. Hollywood is not as open minded it doesn’t seem, although I have definitely seen some horror thriller movies, and come to think of it, it’s common to find a comedic horror, such as the ‘scary movie’ series. (Although would they really classify as horror?)

    Great post. I enjoyed learning about the sites we can access and I would consider watching that movie!


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