Forums and music videos

Anime-forums is a website where people can access to talk about all things that are going on in the world of anime. You can watch reviews, find links to watch anime shows or movies online or simply have discussion with other people who are interested in the same shows as you.
This site constitutes as a peripheral to anime films and TV shows as it goes beyond simply watching something on a screen.

Anime-forums uses a simple forum type website with different headings and titles. There are countless clubs which you can join within the forums where you can discuss ideas about specific types of anime.
Reading these conversations from all different people gave me an insight into how others see certain anime films. I was able to see why different people like certain shows and what they don’t like. I was also able to find out about new shows that I had never heard of before. Being able to view these stories, reviews and opinions made me become more interested in the content that was being talked about.

There was a specific forum called Pokemon Origins. I was scrolling through this thread of conversation and noticed something that I thought was interesting. The fact that the members contributing to this forum were using different anime characters and their photos to represent themselves. In the forums I was used to looking at (mainly travel forums) people simply used their name or some different version of their name and a photo of themselves. The Pokemon Origins forum was not at all meant to be anonymous but I guess its good to see people really going all out with their dedication to anime, and it was a good way to stay anonymous if they wanted to.

Something else that I found later on in my research through the forums was fans amazing ability to use anime shows to create their own music videos for songs. There was so many but this one was definitely one of the best. I have found myself experiencing an understanding for why many people go so above and beyond with their fan art and their online dedication to this community.


  1. I think almost everything have its own forum. Forum is a great place to talk with other who share the same interest as you. It is quiet similar to a club where people of same interest would come in and talk with each other. There are so many forum in the internet, many good, bad and weird one. For example, this forum is all about chewing ice( I’m also in a few forum, i like the way in which people from around the world who have the same interest can talk and interact with each other. Its interesting to see opinion of other and reading discussion on forum because you can see many type of people, you can see dedicated or immersed fan or person does not care much about it and a troll.


  2. Forums are a great place for people with common interests to come together and communicate about the same topic. Forums are usually a mix of either negative comments or positive comments. Especially online forums they are fantastic as they have the ability to contact people from all over the world. Having an anime forum would collate all anime lovers into one place. This is the place for the fan girl/boy to express everything they are feeling without the risk of feeling excluded, alienated or left out. This is also a way for other fans to meet other fans with similar interests that they may not cross in everyday life.


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