This week when researching a peripheral diapora I came across the famous Korean-Australian YouTuber Jeniffer also known as meejmuse. I found her YouTube channel whilst looking for beauty bloggers, I thought it was interesting that she was Korean-Australian currently living in Korea.

She plays an activity part in both countries/cultures. Not only does she work for Cleo magazine Australia as a beauty ambassador, she is a presenter for Ariring tv’s Korea today morning as a k-stylist. Ariring tv is an international English network based in South Korea that is operated by the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation.

When reading this I had a sudden realisation that Jeniffer in some sense is a peripheral part of two Diasporic groups, one being Australians who live in Korea and the other being Koreans that live in Australia. It was interesting to me that she was living in Korea but was still continuing to do her YouTube videos in English, making her an representative for the Korean-Australian community. It was great to see her embracing both cultures not solely sticking to one.

Jeniffers YouTube channel Meejmuse is not only great for beauty tips, but she has tutorials on how to create Korean looks, once again referring to her Korean heritage.

Videos for the Meejmuse YouTube channel are all filmed and edited in a way that would be described as a digital story. She starts off by filming the makeup tutorial and then adds in a narration of her voice over the top. I believe that by her using this form of digital story telling she is magnifying the voice of the Korean-Australian community giving them a platform.

Lastly whilst looking into Jeniffers other social media accounts I came across her blog where I found one post that was particularly interesting. It was a post about growing up as a Korean-Australian and explained some of the struggles and hurdles that came with being part of two cultures. This blog in itself gave Korean-Australian’s a voice and after reading it gave me a clearer idea of how confusing it must have been for someone to grow up with two identities that resulted from being part of two cultures.

My overall experience in exploring Jeniffers career as a stylist was interesting as I thought it was motivating that she was not only sticking to exploring her Korean side on camera, she was doing something for those Australian-Koreans as well. It was a very inspiring experience when investigating a peripheral diaspora group.

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