Japanese Culture in Sydney

Although not completely dedicated to Japanese film, the Japan Foundation Sydney certainly is a fringe group within Japanese cinema culture.  The purpose of this organization is to “promote cultural and intellectual exchange between Japan and other nations”, obviously this particular branch is involved in sharing culture between Japan and Australia in particular, Sydney.  This particular group attracted me due to it hosting podcasts and really best representing a peripheral Japanese organization. 

The Japan Foundation expresses their information through two forms. Firstly, through online video, this expression is mostly reliant on an interview process and therefore is more about sharing stories and ideas than spreading demands.

Congruently, although not strictly digital, the foundation also communicates their stories through online transcripts.  This is in parallel to the video interviews in that it is relying on drawing outside sources in to communicate their goal in expanding international communication.

Lastly, podcasts seem to be the major communication point of the Japan Foundation. From discussing semi-famous Japanese people to communicating the Japanese culture and lifestyle to wester audiences, the podcasts published by this group are mostly attempting to communicate the display Japanese ways of life and culture to cultivate communication between Japan and other Nations.

My first experience with this group’s website is the viewing of the video ‘Interview: Voice Actor Masakazu Morita x JPF Sydney.  I was particularly drawn to this video due to it relating to Japanese anime.  At first the video was in English however it quickly transitioned to Japanese, although it had English captions, I found that I quickly lost interest in the topic and moved onto other aspects of the site for more information.

I found the podcasts most interesting, particularly the podcasts in the last category ‘Sustainability In Japan’. This may be due to the shorter segments within each cast maintain my interest. Congruently I found the podcasts regarding Lafcadio Hearn and Ukiyo-e equally as interesting due to its commentary on Japanese pseudo-celebrities.

Maybe my attention span is not accustom to non-english dubbed clips, hence my lack of attention on the video, however it seems that if content is framed for a western audience such as myself I am more inclined to consume it.

From listening to these podcasts I have determined that my artefact will be topical within itself. By this I mean I will cover more than one topic per clip as I find it maintains attention better than drawn out podcasts.


Dr Eugenie Keefer Bell, 2012,Sustaining Culture in Japanese Architecture: Preservation, Relocation and Adaptive Re-Use, Podcast, May-June, The Japanese Foundation Sydney, Viewed 25/08/14, < http://jpf.org.au/podcasts/index.html>

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