Handheld Video Games Are Themselves Peripheral.

That’s right people, handheld video games are peripheral to regular console video games. They were created to bridge that little gap between being out and about (and seriously wanting to play a game) and being at home in front of the TV. For this post I found a group which plays handheld video games and documents their experiences and personal stories.

The group I found (with some help) is a YouTube channel called GameGrumps. It’s basically two American guys, Danny and Arin, playing different video games and ‘grumping’ about them. They use YouTube videos to record and catalogue their experiences playing the different games. I watched a couple of different videos about handheld video games, such as Pokemon FireRed which was released by Nintendo on the Game Boy Advance in 2004.


While watching the video ‘Pokemon FireRed: I Never – PART 1 – Game Grumps’, I was constantly frowning; seriously could two grown men be more immature? I felt like they were really trying to make their videos entertaining by talking constantly, making fun of the smallest things, and making really bad jokes and sound effects. Most of that stuff was completely unnecessary, and to be honest, put me off watching more of their videos.

I’m also sorry to admit it was a bit boring watching more than one of their videos. I shall put that down to the fact that I would rather play the game myself, than watch someone else play it. Though in saying that I feel like a bit of a hypocrite because when I was younger I would sit and watch my older brother play games such as Final Fantasy. But the thing is I could offer him suggestions on what to do to solve a problem or encourage him when he was fighting a boss; that’s not really something you can do when you’re watching a recording of someone playing a game.

In fact this way of experiencing game play felt kind of odd; like I wasn’t really experiencing the game, rather watching a trailer for something I could play later. It’s not something I’m used to as I rarely watch game reviews online, or any other game related videos. Maybe if I had the GameGrumps’ videos would have been more entertaining to me, or maybe these sorts of videos are aimed at an audience that I simply don’t fit in.

To finish I would just like to leave this video here. It has absolutely nothing to do with the GameGrumps, but it has a lot to do with handheld video games and the Gameboy (and it’s much more entertaining if you ask me).

– Gabi

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  1. Loved the video! It’s really interesting to see those kids react to a Game Boy, as we grew up with them but most of them had never even seen one before.

    It’s also strange to think about the fact that hand held video games are a peripheral of regular console video games. The fact that people wanted to be able to play games wherever they went and not have to be restricted to the home, sounds kind of obsessive. Although it is the same for all devices today!

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