Week 4: Insta-famous Style Bloggers

This week I took a look at the ever-present ‘instafamous’ female, across Asia and the Asian diaspora. I questioned what these individuals post and why? I also noted the most exciting aspect of the blogging experience, the views and opinions of the audience! I also delved into the use of the hashtag as it is a means of connecting oneself to a brand or label.   

It is overly common to come across a fashion blogger these days. If you are to type ‘international fashion blogger’ into google, not only do you receive nearly 60 million hits, but the initial results consist of a series of ranking systems. There are a series of top 100 lists in which most include numerous blogs written people from all across Asia. One particular website, ‘Signature 99,’ lists the top 99 most influential blogs in the world. According to this site, a blog entitled ‘Hypebeast’ written by a girl from Hong Kong ranks #6 and is in the top .1% in the world.

Similarly, ‘Sensate’ website lists a series of well-known bloggers, including internationally successful Singaporean based online store, ‘Her Velvet Vase.’

Commonly these blogs include images of the blogger and their new purchases or daily outfits and they link these products to the according site or even sell the product itself. As I follow several bloggers and Instagram accounts myself, I constantly note the prevalence of luxury items. I also find it interesting that these items seem to be ‘hashtag-worthy’ as opposed to some that are not.


This particular example is Kryz Uy from the Philippines. Uy is a luxury fashion blogger who posts images across the globe, on her travels and as seen in this image, she presents herself with brands such as Chanel. My interest in this is what and why these brands represent such value in the fashion world. Considering a bag like this one in the image retails for approximately $2000AUD or more, it represents a certain meaning for those who recognise it. Whether this meaning is based on your passion for being a part of the fashion world, or whether it means you have copious amounts of money is up to the receiver to interpret.

It is an interesting culture and in this particular representation, capitalistic notions are brought about. Fashion is most certainly interwoven throughout the arts and media world, though it can be seen as highly materialistic and superficial. My interest lies in understanding where this boundary is formed, as I personally battle with its two-sidedness throughout my career and personal life. 


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One comment

  1. Interesting post! I’m not really that into fashion bloggers (and I’m terrible at using Twitter) but my older sister is really into following fashion bloggers on Twitter and fashion vloggers on YouTube. She’s especially into blogs about makeup and it’s interesting because the makeup bloggers often buy ‘drugstore’ brands and try those out as well as the really expensive brands.
    I also wonder if there are many successful fashion bloggers who stick to moderately priced fashion; you know, blog about things that regular people can afford. Though I suppose many people who are seriously into fashion don’t want to see that sort of stuff, they want high fashion.
    Anyways, I would also like to know why particular brands hold so much value.
    – Gabi


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