Superheroes of the K-Pop World

As part of my group project for this subject, we chose to explore the impact that Eastern boy-bands have on their culture and how they generate fandom. I wanted to delve into this for this week’s blog post, hoping to uncover how they use social media to build hype and generate excitement, whilst creating a whole culture and atmosphere surrounding their bands.

What is it about these K and J-pop sensations that causes such a frenzy among fans all across social media? Upon searching ‘Super Junior’ social media on Google, the first link that popped up was an article about the fact that inactive member of the band ‘Super Junior’ Kim Ki Bum has just turned 27 and Twitter was set ablaze with fans of the group tweeting #happykibumday so much that it began trending worldwide.

What is it that causes so much celebration for these celebrities?

Is it the way that they’ve shaped a generation and culture, purely around their performances? The production aspect to bands like ‘Super Junior’ and ‘Big Bang’ (who we’ll also be exploring), is one of the central aspects that holds them in such high regard by their fans. I find it fascinating the amount of work these bands go to for their live performances, spending hours upon hours creating the perfect dance routines for each song, and making sure they have the most eccentric outfits and hair planned.

I found myself quite excited to explore the world of K-pop after I learnt how dedicated these artists are to their craft. Maybe that’s why they’re so celebrated by their fans? It’s completely understandable when you’ve spent such an immense amount of time crafting an image of yourself that could almost be labeled as a superhero of the K-pop, music world.

Super Junior

Super Junior

Big Bang

Big Bang


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