Presentation of self

When I was trying to find a celebrity (actor) in the field of anime I found it difficult to find someone who specifically catered to anime films as they are simply voice-overs, and most actors do on screen appearances as well as anime. It was surprising to me the amount of actors that I had heard of (mainly American) who were doing voice overs in anime films. I never would have guessed!

One of the first Japanese anime films I saw (not including childhood cartoons), was Howls Moving Castle. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, who was considered to be one of Japan’s greatest animation directors. He was mainly known from Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa and the valley of the Wind. As he was born in 1941, there wasn’t a lot of self-presentation of his public self (Facebook, Twitter etc). There was a bio of him of IMDb. There was a page of facts about him, like that he was sometimes referred to as the Walt Disney of Japan, but he hated being called that. There were articles about his work, best and worst movies. There were also interviews with him regarding some aspects of his personal life as well as his work.

Although the information that has been put online has probably not been directly applied by Miyazaki, there is more than enough information that can be found. It is strange to come across a well known/ famous person (or anyone for that mater) who doesn’t have social media accounts. Not only is it for personal use but also for people to portray themselves and to share their lives with the world.

It is hard to communicate my findings as there really wasn’t anything online that was an example of how his public self was presented. It was interesting to see how different people portrayed themselves online, and as a celebrity it was sort of expected for them to have some type of social media presence, no matter what their age.

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