I Hope Hideki Kamiya Reads This One Day

Finding a celebrity in my current auto ethnographic focus of either Monster Hunter and social gaming was proving to be very difficult for me, largely because I speak no Asian languages (as far as I know). Seeing as I purposefully know very little about these areas (at the moment at least), I was totally unable to find a single person widely recognized in them whom I could discover anything about. In order to compensate for my inability to stick to definite topics, I have chosen to follow the light-hearted social media presence of my favourite man of gaming, Hideki Kamiya – because that’s close enough, right?


Hideki Kamiya is the resident cheeky man and games director at Platinum Games, renowned for titles such as Bayonetta, the Wonderful 101, Vanquish and Mad World. I find Hideki a great person to analyse for in my opinion, he has the best online presence of any game developer alive today. Upon searching I was unable to find official pages of his on Facebook and Instagram, rather his Twitter is the only means in which he promotes himself; and boy is it enough. Here I have compiled an archive of my favourite tweets from this beautiful man, which also further demonstrate my next point…

Having tweeted a whopping 119 thousand times, it is clear that Hideki uses Twitter for the purpose of interacting with and answering questions from his fans and customers, other than solely as a means of personal gain. This idea I feel is strengthened through the absence of these alternative social media, for they are not as accessible in terms of audience engagement as Twitter is.Through continual use of this site, Hideki has constructed the image of himself as light-hearted, playful and slightly bossy.

As much as I love this Twitter account, I can’t help but feel like at least a small portion of it is shaped by personal biases and assumptions – for instance that Hideki speaks fluent English (or rather he does not). While I have no doubt that I love this man, I often find myself wondering how much of this opinion is flavoured by his inability to articulate our language flawlessly – let alone while being forced to shrink his words to suit Twitter’s needs.


  1. I think a lot of the questions sent to Kamiya are probably because they know they will get a funny reaction out of him. Kamiya’s Twitter account seems to a victim of its own success. However, Kamiya is still one of the most well-known and loved video game developers despite his games not reaching as much wider public recognition as others. He still seems to be incredibly popular among hardcore gamers, as his titles seem mostly aimed at that demographic. I love you, Kamiya


  2. Hi Matt,

    I am so surprised by the amount of times this man has twittered after hearing that he is also the gaming director for such a huge company! He sounds incredible!!

    I found it interesting that you made the observation that we are shaped by our understanding of the individual and their english ability. Does it make you ponder whether you have got a completely different view of him, or it is easier to see more of who he is on Youtube? I always find that reading about someone is not enough when I am trying to gage what they are like as a person. I will always watch a Youtube video or interview of the celebrity just to see how they communicate, as I find I can gain a better understanding of them. Do you feel the same?

    I also had difficulty finding a celebrity in my field as I found that we are just not overly aware or exposed to Asian celebrities. Although, it seems as though you chose an interesting person to look at!


  3. Wow Hideki Kamiya uses his twitter a lot! haha
    What I found most interesting about your research was that he only had a twitter account. Like you mentioned most celebrities have multiple social networking accounts such as Facebook or Instagram, to keep up their image and make sure they are visible in the public eye. So it’s interesting to see someone who is so active on his twitter account and not have any other accounts. Do you think that him only using twitter is affecting the amount of fans he can reach? Do you feel like he would benefit from using Instagram or YouTube giving fans a more in-depth look into his life?


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