This week I chose to look into the celebrity culture of K-pop, particularly looking into the Korean sensation Hyuna. Kim Hyuna is south Korean rapper, dancer, songwriter and model. She is best known for being part of the k-pop group 4Minute, where her roll is a rapper. It’s almost implied that if you’re going to be famous you must have all social networking accounts, to make sure you are present for your fans. It nearly essential to have a relationship with your fans if you want to make money, as they are the ones buying your products and are the ones allowing you to get endorsements. Being in one of the largest k-pop groups, kim Hyuna has the same implied role, to make sure she is active online so that her fans don’t lose interest.

When researching Hyuna I found out that she has been inactive from twitter for two years, which is weird to see when someone is so popular and isn’t utilising their twitter account. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms for celebrities to connect with their fans. As it is easy to reply to questions and the word limit help saves time as they have to be short and precise. In saying this I have noticed she is very popular on Instagram with over 1 million followers with each photo have thousands of likes and comments.

After researching Hyuna I wanted to compare the difference in social media use with another member out of her band 4minute, I came across Kwon So-Hyun. So-Hyun is very active on twitter she tweets multiple times everyday, another platform she is very active on is Instagram. What I found interesting about So-Hyun is that she has about 100,000 less followers on twitter then Hyuna and about ¼ of the amount of Instagram followers as Hyuna even though she is more active. This made me think that maybe she is more active on twitter to expand her fan base, or maybe her being so active has caused her to lose followers.

Overall I’ve realised that these two stars aren’t as active on social media as they could be, Although they still have a great following of fans and seem to be a very powerful part of the K-pop world.

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  1. K -Pop is super fun, doesn’t it remind you of the 90’s with bands like Nsync and the Spice Girls and stuff. The way they get dressed up and the dance moves and just everything- way cooler than One Direction or the stupid Western boy band, girl band pop that is out these days! It’s interesting that you say they don’t utalise social media as much as they could- you would never see that with pop stars in Western society- if anything they are way too active on social media and it gets them into trouble.


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