Is this idea ‘the one’?

If you are the one is the most viewed Chinese dating game show in the Chinese speaking world with a huge 50 million views each episode. The concept of the show involves 24 single women who judge whether a single man is worthy to take them out. The show is broadcast in many other countries around the world, including on SBS in Australia. The shows format is similar to network 10’s 2008 flop “taken out”, which was axed after 4 weeks due to complaints of “vapid contestants and smug host”

It is interesting to note that even outside China, Chinese and Australian alike enjoy the show. An Australian-Chinese blog on the show notes that there is something about the show that means you can’t look away, even though it may reinforce stereotypes. 

A drawcard for the show seems to be the honesty of the contestants, that many men and women often leave without a date due to the honesty. Questions are posed such as salaries, spending habits and material assets.

While the show has been hugely popular, it has met some skepticism from Chinese officials saying the show was spreading the ‘wrong values’. To help the regulation of the show, 1 new hosts was added to help balance the views. it seems that if you are the one is now aiming to promote a higher moral decorum by focusing on “tales of civic service and promises of good relations with future mother-in-laws”

We aim to look at the difference in Australian and Chinese receivership, audience and reception to the show. Particularly focusing on why this show was originally has a large following in China and how this has changed since state administration of radio film and television have begun to strictly regulate the content. 


Photo source:

Courtney, Leah and Lauren 

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  1. I genuinely LOVE this show!! It is so interesting and I am not sure if it is the translation or the culture difference but the things that they can say so comfortably on international television is incredible!! When you said you can not take your eyes off the show, you have absolutely summed it up completely!

    It is interesting to note how the girls immediately rule out ‘Western’ men so often as if they know they will not be capable of understanding them the way they do Asian men.. Brilliant choice girls! Can’t wait to read more about it!


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