How do you J-pop?

This week I decided to throw myself into the weird and wonderful world of J-POP, having no experience to draw on other than having two K-pop bands on my iPod about 5 years ago. Obviously the two aren’t even from the same country of origin so I clearly had a lot of learning to do. I decided to start by doing some simple googling on popular bands and the kind of music they created. I then decided I would need to take it further to really understand the culture. This is when I stumble across the subreddit, boy oh boy. There was some hard out fan-girling going on there. These people were passionate about the music, the culture and the people that made up their favourite J-Pop groups. I could only relate through my understanding of the Justin Bieber “belibers” and one Directions “directioners”

I stumbled across a website that reported news mostly on J-pop groups, there were dozens are articles that had only been released in the past 2 days about numerous groups. This alone shows that there is a celebrity culture and a following for the musica and the groups.The music could be considered to be your ‘typical’ pop music style, up beat with a hook in the chorus to make sure it sticks in your mind (yes, even if you you don’t understand the language). I found a playlist someone had created on YouTube and found myself browsing the internet all while listing to the songs, I was actually starting to enjoy them. Most were light hearted and fun. The j-pop groups go beyond just the music. It’s more about the culture and the belonging to the fan base. This was clearly seen in he case of the many subreddits I viewed on the topic.

I personally have never experienced that kind of passion and obsession for a music group, so it was such an interesting look into the lives of the audiences and the constant thirst for knowledge of these groups and their members. The more you know, the more loyal a fan you seem to be. It is interesting to note the rise of groups such as this in many parts of Asia and around the world. It is easy to follow their journey through social media and feel as though you are experiencing their lives with them. The fan base for groups such as these isn’t a new phenomenon, yet still seems to resonate with young consumers today


  1. Hey Lauren,

    I am looking forward to hearing more about J-Pop and I too am a little bit like you as I do not know much about j-Pop and actually don’t even know much about K-pop either. i have always seemed to hear so much about K-Pop though and am looking forward to hearing about the different J-Pop varieties and the different “fangirling” that is going on around the different artists involved.

    I find it very interesting that you have said that J-pop is popular not only in Asian countries but all over the world and am looking forward to seeing what else you find!



  2. Hi Lauren,

    I also find it very interesting that J-pop and K-pop bands have a huge following, that are completely obsessed with everything they do, much like Justin Bieber and One Direction fans. I found it quiet strange when researching K-pop that there were so many boy bands and girl groups over in these asian countries and are still so successful. Whereas over in the western music world boy bands and girl groups died out in the early 2000’s, because being in these groups have been perceived as “uncool”. I guess the idea of manufactured popstars are popular over there and doesn’t effect the popstars image in a negative way. A j-pop star that would probably be worth taking a look at is Hatsune Miku who is a virtual popstar. Although she isn’t real she has a huge following she even has her own concerts, heres a link to one of her live performance


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