“Brain Wall”

Hey guys,

This is Keely and Hannah here!

For our second assessment we have decided to focus on the way that Japanese game shows can be adapted and changed by Western societies and cultures focusing on the TV Show “Brain Wall” and the way that this show had been remade for Australian TV. We will be focusing on industrial and technological differences between the Japanese and Australia show, and the way that it may or may not have been changed to suit each audience. 

We will be contrasting the two TV shows and exploring why the Australian version was not nearly as successful as the Japanese version of the show to fully understand the differences in culture. 

We have also decided that we will be using Prezi to create a presentation and will be using some snippets and footage from both the Australian and Japanese versions of the show and comparing them both to create our research. 

If anybody has any suggestions or comments that could be useful to us, that would be great. Also if you have watched either the Australian or Japanese version of this show please tell us your opinions and whether or not you in particular liked or disliked the show.


Hannah & Keely


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