Anime – a collaboration of Fairy Tails

As part of this weeks topic on Anime and Manga for my subject on Digital Asia, i decided to explore the world of Anime, and to take a look at the differences and similarities between the original Japanese anime, complete with English subtitles, in contrast with the English-dubbed version, and see which version I enjoyed more, or even if there was any preference. I did some browsing online and discovered Fairy Tail, a popular Japanese Anime with both a Japanese version referred to as “Subbed” (implies English subtitles), and an American “Dubbed” version.

The FairyTail logo, courtesy of Deviant Art

Fairy Tail is a story based in the fictional kingdom of Fiore, a place ‘filled with Magic’, where people trained in the magical arts, known as Wizards, band together in guilds to train and work in search of fame and fortune. The story follows Lucy Heartfilia, a young Celestial Wizard who achieves her dream of becoming a member of Fairy Tail, a prestigious wizards’ guild with a reputation for overly destructive antics. Lucy is joined by other members of the guild on her adventures, including Natsu, a Dragon Slayer who can embody the physical properties of a dragon, his flying blue cat named Happy, an Ice Make wizard named Gray who has a tendency to strip down to his underwear subconsciously, Erza, the most powerful female wizard in Fairy Tail.

The main characters from Fairy Tale (L-R) Erza, Lucy, Happy, Natsu & Gray. Image courtesy of MangaUK

The main characters from Fairy Tale (L-R) Erza, Lucy, Happy, Natsu & Gray. Image courtesy of MangaUK

I explored both the Japanese version of the Anime and the American counterpart, and I absolutely loved both! I watched the first episode in Japanese, before going back and watching the first five episodes in English. YouTube was my main source for watching the series, and after the first five episodes, the rest of the series was only available as subbed versions, so I have now watched (at the time of writing this) 22 episodes of the series, in its original Japanese form, which equates to about 7 hours now. I decided to check out Fairy Tail as I wanted a new anime experience as I have already watched the Pokemon Indigo League and wanted a new experience, and I found it. I am in no way put off by the Japanese version of the Anime, and on the contrary, I almost prefer it in a way, as the show is being enjoyed the way it was intended (with rough English translations, of course). Be sure to send me a tweet (@xNatolix) and ask me where I’m up to in the series next time I’m on, and chances are I’ll be much further along in the process.


  1. I will be honest when I say I have never watched much Anime in my life, besides Dragonball Z and Pokemon of course. However, if I was to check out an Anime this would be one on my list to attempt to watch. My ex used to nag me to watch this sort of stuff with her and right now I regret not trying to watch it as your description of Fairy Tail sounds interesting and exciting. Im not one for reading subtitles, so I would have to brave the dubbed version of the show.


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