Just a bit late..

Howdy. My name is Leah and I am a third year media student. I have pretty much finished my international media and communications major and now its time to finish my digital media major. I have only just arrived back from the states after 2 months on break and my brain is in serious holiday mode, so apologies if I am slow to respond/often don’t pay attention… While this subject is mandatory for my degree I am excited to expand my knowledge on Asian cultures and their digital endeavours, as well as to increase and draw on my experiences within this field.

On that note, I am lucky enough to have experienced some contact with Asian cultures first hand. With a few trips to Japan under my belt, as well as South-East Asia and some Malaysian cities, I hopefully have some material to work with. While my brain is still yet to kick into gear (hurry up) I believe I have the most personal connection with Japanese culture. My aunty, a Japanese language teacher, has spent a sizeable portion of her life living in Japan with her Japanese husband. My cousins, who live in Sydney, have grown up speaking both English and Japanese, and from a young age I experienced the cultural difference between both of our families. I have memories of their rooms, full of anime posters, figurines, models and some seriously technological games and toys. As a young girl I certainly had very limited interest in any of this, and in hindsight I wish I had been curious enough to at least try and explore some of these differences… Oh well, I guess I was like 5.

So, I suppose I will be researching and delving into the depths of Japanese digital culture. I have some previous knowledge of Orientalism, Fandom and some contact with Anime (my roommate and I are watching Cowboy Bebop at the moment, this can now be called ‘homework’). So I guess I need to start collaborating and probably consult my dad (he’s an ideas man), and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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