Following Kyary

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a Japanese model and singer, with three full-length studio albums that were released in Japan, as well as a deal being signed recently to release her material in the United States.

Although Kyary has been working in these industries in Japan since 2011, she has only recently achieved worldwide fame through her viral Internet videos. 

She also has a pretty famous fashion sense, sometimes being described as a ‘Harajuku girl’, and being compared to American pop star Lady Gaga (Bill Browning, 2011).

Kyary is pretty well known throughout Asia, mainly because of her Internet use and social media personality.

After looking into this, I found Kyary is very active across a variety of platforms. In terms of her amounts of followers, it is obvious that Twitter is the main way she interacts with her fans. She has over two million followers, and usually tweets regularly.

It is also really interesting to note that all of her tweets are written in Japanese – this shows that Kyary is catering for her market in her home country, rather than anyone else in countries that speak other languages. Kyary also has an active Instagram account that she posts to regularly.

It’s actually interesting to look at her Instagram photos, as almost all of them are selfies. This demonstrates her awareness of her public image that is projected to her fans.

Although Kyary doesn’t have a personal Facebook page, she has two separate official Facebook pages. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, Kyary herself does not run these, rather management to which she belongs.

The reason behind the two different pages is simple – one is for Japanese speakers, and the other is for those who do not know the language. I found it strange that rather than combining the two pages with options for translation, Kyary’s management found it necessary to separate the two.

After looking into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as one of the most influential artists in Asian pop, I discovered the sheer popularity that artists in the genre can have. I got this mainly through looking at her Twitter account.

Although the page only catered for one small community in terms of the world online, she still has over two million followers, and gets about two thousand favourites on every tweet. 

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