Introductions, better late than never!

Hey there!

I’m Sara and running late to the introductory posts, so apologies on that one!

I’m a fourth year student studying a double degree of BCM majoring in International media and Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in theatre. I’m not going to pretend and behave as if I understand this subject because quite frankly it’s the only subject I’ve encountered where I properly feel intimidated by the content and the digital tools required to present our work and content. This is my first semester doing digital subjects so it’s cowered me off into the corner and especially the content in this subject considering I haven’t gaged any interest in Asian culture. Therefore I am in a state of panic and confusion where there is no way out until someone tells me whether I am doing it right!

The only area of interest would be in Japanese cinema considering my background in performance. The adaptation of Japanese film in Western cinema and the implications this has for the creativity and cultural significance for Japanese film makers is an avenue my work would steer towards especially since I do have a guilty pleasure for Japanese horror films.

I welcome any thoughts and opinions on my focus of research for this subject!! I love film, theatre and anything involving politics and history so I feel I can have a field day with these topics in Japanese cinema!

Looking forward to communicating with you all over the semester 🙂

One comment

  1. Look at my page, go down till you find “blog i follow” and look at kaito monogatari, he is a 360 degrees japanese lover 🙂 you may ask to him!


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