I am Brendon and late

Bit of a late introduction but my names Brendon. 3rd year BCM double major in journalism and digital media. I’m sure we’ve all said that enough times by now!

Video games is my passion and my dream job would be in video games journalism in some form or another. I’ve also have a Lets Play channel on YouTube that I’ve been doing for a while for a bit of fun. I also love anime, particularly Studio Ghibli films, but my favourite anime series is Death Note. 

I want to focus my research my research on Japanese games that have been influenced by Western culture. Usually in film, it’s the other way around, and I thought this topic might be interesting as I’m so familiar with these games. JRPGs were my first and are still my favourite games to play despite the fact that I buy as many games as possible to add to the ever growing pile. My life revolved around Pokemon when I was a kid and I had everything from the trading cards, the games, and any other merchandise they would put out. Soon after that, I discovered Final Fantasy and I’ve loved Japanese games every since. At the moment, my favourite game is Dark Souls, which plays much like your usual action game  but removes every conventional game design device used to help players to provide for an incredibly challenging and punishing experience.

Any way, I could talk forever about this stuff. And I will if you let me. I’m usually pretty quiet in class but I like talking to people so feel free to have a chat with me! I’m also starting my UOW Twitter account again so you can follow me @BrendonFoye if you’d like.

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