Hello there…

Hi there everybody, 

My name is Hannah and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, and am in my very last semester with only 3 months left at university (who’s counting?) I am currently working in the Marketing department of a business consultancy and have also just finished an internship at a PR company in Sydney city. Next year, as well as doing my Masters of Teaching (Online) I am hoping to find some work in Marketing or PR, however I have not yet decided on which one I will focus on just yet.

Although at first, I felt like I did not have any specific experience with Digital Asia, as I am not really a gamer, nor do i watch any anime or Asian TV shows or have I travelled anywhere in the Asian region. After much thought I began to think of the different ways that I may have been influenced by Digital Asia, my brother recently returned from China and after quite a fascinating conversation with him, and looking at some of the photos and imagery he had taken, I was surprised at how much more advanced Asia seems and this very much interests me.

As far as this subject, I am completing my International Communications and Media major and decided that this subject seemed a nice fit. After a chat with some other students in DIGC I think I will focus on Asian TV culture and the Japanese show “Human Tetris” however I am not sure how this could correlate with the research. 

Any suggestions would be amazing!



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