Hello Kitty (World)

Hi Everyone,
I’m Nathan, currently a fourth year Communications and Commerce student at UOW. I’ve completed my commerce studies majoring in Public Relations, and am now working on finishing up my Communications degree majoring in Digital Media.
I drive and love my Turbo Subaru Forester, and have a general love of cars.
I’m also your friendly neighbourhood team member, working part-time at Bunnings Warehouse.

I guess I have a bit of a history of consuming Japanese and asian media, bingeing on many anime series throughout high school, loving a select few Studio Ghibli films and recently developing a liking for Japanese and South Korean horror films. 

I feel like watching anime is a familiar experience for me, but i’m looking forward to re-evaluating my experience as an Australian experiencing Japanese media.

Of note, the Series InitialD, has become a point of reference for me when relating to other car guys online. I’m thinking it would be cool to try and re-develop my experience of this series, more of a look at the culture where the story takes place, rather than just experiencing the story I am already familiar with.

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