Cultural Creep

Hi, my name is Anna, this is around the 21st time I’ve had to say some something about myself at uni and this is around the 21st time my chest has gotten tight and my brain has started to hurt. Reading about people is interesting but when you write about yourself nothing sounds remotely worth stating for future reference.

So with ongoing agony I will tell you some of the least threatening things about my interests in Digital Asia, and one slightly disconcerting one.

International media and communications is my major, I would like to witness as many different types cultural expressions in my life as possible and hopefully translate some of them to the screen and maybe let some new ones be slyly accepted by unsuspecting audiences. Also I like to watch people and image how they make really mundane decisions then when I’m feeling divided I think of someone I like and go ‘wait, how would such and such do this…’

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