Another introduction

Hi there.

My name is Lauren, I’m a 20 year old student with too many jobs but still enough time on my hands to binge on TV, movies and media. My time is spent at work dreaming about my big Europe trip next year. When I’m not doing that I’m at uni trying to complete my last semester. I study BCM, majoring in International media and communication and minoring in Sociology.

This subject is taking me into a world I have never before seen and having to look at ideas and concepts I’ve never considered is slightly intimidating. Talking about manga, anime and gaming makes me feel like I’ve completely missed an episode of that really great show that everyone is talking about. As my brother would say, everyone is a gamer at heart and participates in gaming in some form, from RPGs to your average iPhone game app or even the occasional bit of solitaire. While gaming doesn’t exactly resonate with me, I’m fascinated by the effect and culture it creates.

In saying all this, I’ll probably be looking at cinema or aspects of emerging and developing social media in Asia (Who knows exactly where at this point, I’m leaving that door open). Perhaps I could even look into some hilarious Japanese game shows that we all know and love. These topics probably resonate with me way more. Who doesn’t love a good laugh at others misfortune?

I’m certainly looking forward to the subject and exactly where it may or may not take me. It’s refreshing to look at a subject so different, so bring it on.

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