Ohayou Gozaimasu!


I’m Anthony Rewak, a reader, writer, gamer, lover of laughter, and mild otaku. I’m currently in the third year of my Arts/Communication and Media Studies double-degree at the UOW. I’m studying English Literature (Major) and History (Minor) in Arts and studying Journalism (Major) and Digital Media (Minor) in BCM. I also manage a Blog and Facebook Page both titled “The Russian Blue,” (inspired by the breed of my feline companion, Tasha,) where I write and share content predominantly about Philosophy, Spirituality, and occasionally, Geekery. You can also find me on Twitter.

In the future I plan to pursue my passion for writing, perhaps one day becoming a professional teller of stories, and releasing my first novel. As such, I spend a lot of my time reading and watching a wide variety of content, absorbing and studying as many narratives as possible in order to gain more experience (my favourite genre is Fantasy – love Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Patrick Rothfuss, and Jim Butcher, currently reading through Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy.) As such, in this subject I’d love to focus on either manga or anime, and perhaps explore how ‘Eastern’ narratives differ from ‘Western’ narratives, perhaps even going further to study fandom communities.

Fighting the Colossal Titan at Sydney Supanova, (cosplaying as Arthur Dent - Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.)

Fighting the Colossal Titan at Sydney Supanova, (cosplaying as Arthur Dent – Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

I plan to focus on Japan specifically since they enjoy a brilliant and colourful fascination with pop culture, which I adore. My love of Japan blossomed in my childhood where I obsessively played Pokemon and watched Dragonball & Dragonball Z, my love strengthening over the years. I’ve actually been watching quite a lot of anime recently – Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, The Devil is a Part Timer, Soul Eater & Love Stage. I’m also in love with manga and have been reading Attack on Titan, collected and read Akira Toriyama’s entire DB & DBZ series, read a bit of Naruto & Dr. Slump, and am currently reading an amazing manga called Vinland Saga which is about Vikings, is extremely brutal, and extremely amazing! I also love Japanese video games from Nintendo’s Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing titles, and am an absolute massive fan of Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts. I’ve also been playing a quirky Japanese game for the 3DS called “Tomodachi Life,” where you create a host of characters (fictional characters, celebrities, people you know,) who all interact with each other. To top it all off, I’m a massive Studio Ghibli fan, my favourite’s being Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke & Spirited Away!

I’m looking forward to the subject, and am looking forward to working with you all over the course of the semester!



  1. Wow Anthony! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of experience and inspiration to draw on, especially when it comes to reflecting on your own participation in the culture you’re researching. Considering that you’re so focused on the culture of Japanese anime and pop culture, it would be interesting to look at how Japanese mangas and South Korean manhwas differ, and how your understanding of anime culture online and the associated communities change based on your consumption of either.

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  2. That’s actually a really interesting idea! I like the idea of looking at how your understanding of the culture influences your consumption. I’m just thinking now, it would be interesting to get people’s opinions on the culture who don’t participate in it, lol, maybe get people to watch anime or read manga who never have before and see how they react to it.


    1. I like this idea, although we may need to negotiate the ethics of the setup carefully, it could make a very interesting approach for your project. Perhaps even record and document perhaps reactions via podcast or video.

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