Hi, My Name’s Mel

Hi all, my name is Melissa Borg and I’m in my second year of my BCM degree, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Digital Communication. I’m officially halfway through my degree and I do have some idea about where I want to go once I finish. My ultimate goal being to work in the music industry, potentially in music publishing, but that’s a long term goal that I will have to work hard to achieve. However, I have started to work towards this goal by scoring myself an intern position at Themusic.com.au, whom are a Street Press music/culture magazine, website and app.

As for Asian digital culture, I don’t know all that much about it. I’ve never travelled to Asia, but I would like to, and I’ve never really been subjected to Asian media, but I’m here taking this subject because I want to learn about it and that’s what university is for right? But sitting here reading everyone else’s posts is making me feel a bit like an outsider with their great experiences of travelling to Asia and great research ideas. However, like I said I’m here to learn and it sounds like you all have something to teach me about such an interesting and diverse part of the world-which I personally think just calling Asia doesn’t begin to describe how varied each country and culture within it is.

I am interested in researching Asian social media because I find it interesting that there are so many thriving social networks throughout Asia that much of the Western world has no idea exist, or know how to use. It would be fascinating to research these social networks and how they are being are being used by people in these regions, and contrast the use to that in our own country. However I have no idea if this research area would suit the method of auto-ethnography because I’m still a little vague about what exactly that is, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out over the next few weeks.


  1. Hey Mel! Sounds like you have more of an idea of where you want to go with this than you think you do 🙂 I think researching various different social networks throughout Asia would be a really great focus for your autoethnographic study because you can look into the nature of human relationships online and juxtapose your own experiences with your findings. You could also examine the reason behind the majority of Western society not being aware of these forms of interaction throughout Asia.


    1. Thanks Gemma, that makes me feel a lot better about taking this subject haha. The idea about looking at human relationships is a really good idea and juxtaposing the culture agains my own was along the lines of what I thinking about doing 🙂

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