Hey guys,

My name’s Renee, I’m a third year BCM student majoring in Digital media. This will hopefully be my final session at UOW, that’s if i pass everything (fingers crossed haha). Next year I plan on travelling and then coming back to uni or college to study television production. Hopefully after finishing that degree I will have a job as a producer!

I have travelled to some parts of Asia including Thailand and Malaysia and found the culture completely different to ours, which is what made it so interesting. I also find Pop Asia on SBS very interesting because everything is so over the top, nothing is ever simple! These are some of the main reasons for choosing this subject, along with the fact that i don’t know that much about digital Asian cultures and am very eager to learn.

The field i would like to look at this semester is either the use of social media in Asian cultures or music in asian cultures. I feel like these two topics would be very interesting, as they play such a big part in our day-to-day lives, it would be interesting to see the impact these two fields have on Asia.

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  1. Hi Renee! China’s use of social media would be super interesting for your independent research. As you probably know, the government has barred Western social media in favour for their Chinese counterparts (Weibo) because they are easier to control and censor. It would be really interesting to see how much they are controlled, as you often hear about government officials dirty deeds being out on social media sites before being contained by the government. I have a link to an interview with a writer on the subject here (http://thediplomat.com/2014/03/change-and-control-in-chinas-media-interview-with-david-bandurski/) if you warned to take a look.


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