The best name(source)

Hi all, my name is Andrew (please just call me Andy) and I am currently in my 2nd year of my BCM degree and my 4th year of uni. I major in Digital Media and Communication and Minor in Journalism and when all is said and done and I receive my degree at the end of next Autumn session I hope to move into the online world writing about video games and video game news.

I wouldn’t say I am a typical male, however in my friends group you could call me normal. I play video games, enjoy sport (I am a Sydney Roosters fan), I enjoy watching Television shows and Movies and most of all I enjoy hanging out and being myself around my friends.

Why did I take this subject? That’s an easy question, I took it because it fit perfectly in my timetable and I need it for my major. Yea I’m that guy who says he took it for that reason, sorry. However, since the first lecture I can say this class seems to be the right fit for me. I do enjoy a lot of the digital Asian culture when it comes to the video game world. I love watching E-sports (mainly DOTA 2) and I enjoy playing games that are made in japan (Pokemon!). So for my final project I figure I would probably focus on these ideas of the e-sports market in Asia and the video game market in Asia. This is all subject to change though.

Ok that’s the introduction post done, guess there is one thing left to say about this class.

I’m keen(source)


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