Hello :)

Hi, my name is Pakkapon Potranandana (nickname is Now) from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m in my third years of BCM degree, majoring in international media and communication. And yes, I’m still clueless about what I want to do after I finish this degree but I will probably continue my study marathon by study master degree somewhere in U.S or U.K.

I have interest in many things but what I like the most is gaming and travelling. I have been travelling with my family ever since i can remember. We have been to almost every place in Thailand and almost every continent in the world. So i have been to many place and experience many media from many countries. Another thing i’m interested in or like is gaming as I have been playing game for quite a long time.

I still not sure what topic I should be focus on because i still not 100% sure what digital Asia is and how to conduct auto-ethnography research but I hope that the next few week, I can get some idea from lecture or from reading other’s post. As I’m from Thailand which is Asia, I have been living in Asia media culture ever since I was born. Aside from Thai media, I have been playing, watching, listening and reading many things from other countries in Asia. Such as, Pokemon, Digimon Adventure, many manga and Korea / Chinese comic. I also watch a few Korea TV show such as Running man.

Anyway, If anyone have any idea of what i should be focus on, please let me know. 🙂



  1. Hello Pakkapon or do you prefer Now? I’d be interested to hear more about your experiences in cross-national media consumption, and you might like to focus on games. What has been your experience of the difference in online gaming between Thailand and Australia?


    1. I prefer Now and thanks for the suggestion. Right now i’m thinking of focusing on games or TV shows but i don’t have much experience on online gaming because i usually play console game with a few interaction between players.


  2. I highly recommend the South Korean variety show Running Man! Whether I’m watching it with subtitles or not, I find it purely entertaining to observe how the Korean stars interact between themselves and the tasks required. Everything occurs underneath flashing visual flairs, clashing sound effects, and so many different songs (that I can’t imagine they have the rights to).

    What they find challenging is often laughably naive or disturbingly strange. The taboos and relationships are almost innocent. And their regular guests are interchanged between many other popular game shows creating a network of entertainment culture for me to discover.

    The language boundary doesn’t prevent me from enjoying or learning about South Korean culture. I don’t have to understand the jokes on Running Man to understand that Kim Jong-kook could kill all of them. At once.

    P.S. Lee Kwang-soo is the South Korean version of TV actor Adam Driver. His appearance and his mannerisms.


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