Oh look, it’s Lil

Hey everyone!

There isn’t really all that much I have to say so I’ll just bore you with the basics…

My name is Elizabeth Zammit (but please call me Lil), and I’m in my 2nd year of a BCM degree doing a double major in International Media and Communications and Marketing and Advertising…yet I have no clue where I want to end up once It’s all done and dusted.

I guess I’m just you’re average girly girl; way too materialistic, spending money I don’t have on things I don’t need and hoping one day everything will suddenly fall in to place. For the past 3 years I have had a never ending desire to travel, go on adventures, meet crazy people and do crazy things. Yes, I am a hopeless dreamer – blame my dad. Right now I have 3 part time jobs in addition to this full time uni thing in the hopes that 2015 will finally bring me the European adventures which I so desperately need!

I’m doing this subject purely due to the fact that I’ve watched a fair bit of anime courtesy of my Dad’s Studio Ghibli addiction and thanks to my brother’s love for all things geeky I have developed somewhat of a soft spot for this pop culture. I am borderline obsessed with everything social media related as much of this generation are…aaand well, sushi is Japanese (that’s a valid reason right?).

Right now I couldn’t tell you what angle I am planning to focus my research on because I am possibly the most indecisive person you will ever meet and it is way too soon into the semester for my brain to become set on a specific topic. My knowledge of this subject is minimal at best so hopefully in the next few weeks I can begin to wrap my head around the vast amounts of information coming my way.

My brain is ready. (I hope)

One comment

  1. Hi Lil, thanks for your post and welcome aboard. Perhaps start to think about potential ‘asian’ travel destinations and comparing those to your desire to travel to Europe? Or look to potential career opportunities and experiences that you might like to explore further?


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