Introducing Courtney

Hi DIGC330!

My name is Courtney and I’m in my fourth year of a double degree studying a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies majoring in International Media. As far as career aspirations I’m hoping to graduate at the end of 2015 and pursue a career in criminal and/or family law. Starting out at UOW I was a little unsure hence the double degree, but somewhere along the way battling between weekly blogs for media subjects and trawling through dense case summaries and judgments, BCM lost me to law. So for now, I’m riding the BCM wave until graduation where I will perhaps farewell it forever.

I’m pretty stumped by this subject to be honest. I’ve been taking a peek at other blogs hoping that there was something completely obvious that I am missing, but to no avail. I’ve never looked at anime, never played a video game and never watched a foreign Asian film. That being said, I have had the opportunity to travel and spend time in a number of Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. My experience in each of these countries was so unique. From the people, to the food, the customs and the landscape, no two countries were the same and that is something that I think is amazing about Asia itself and also very misunderstood. When I hear people speak as if ‘Asia’ can be defined and pin pointed as one distinct culture really baffles me because every country I’ve experienced has been so different. To me they just happen to share the same continent!

I’m keen to learn more about all kinds of Digital Asian culture throughout the semester and hopefully spark an area of interest for my own research.

– Courtney

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  1. Hello Courtney, great first post. Perhaps you could draw on your interest in travel and your developing expertise in law to base your research project on? A study of the interactions and negotiations of law and media/communication technologies involved in the movement and travel in the region would be fascinating.


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