All About Anna

My name is Anna Johnson-Hill and I’m in my fifth year at UOW. I study a double degree in Commerce and International Studies and have completed a major and 4 minors so far. International Media and Communication will be my fifth minor, hence why I’ve been at UOW for so long.

In saying that, I’ll probably be here for a while longer. I’m interested in doing further research into internet-based businesses – possibly through honours next year and a PhD after that. A major reason for my interest is that I have just launched last week my own internet-based business for students, Study Well ( I provide insightful tips and advice on how to treat your mind and body well so that study becomes a whole lot easier.

I’d be fascinated to research online shopping or using social media for business advertising in an Asian context. To compare how Asian businesses are using these forms of digital media in contrast with Australia. This could assist me in further understanding the culture, especially if I wanted to market my website to help students in this part of the world. Looking at the Analytics behind my website, I have already received views from India, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia within the last few days.

As I’m not from the BCM faculty, this is all pretty different for me. I’ve never had to write a blog for a subject before. Though, this session I’m studying 30cp and have to write a blog for all 4 of my subjects! Because this is so different for me, I’m really interested in learning about all of you. From what I’ve read so far, everyone has such diverse talents and interests and I can’t wait to read more.

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  1. Thanks Anna and welcome aboard the subject. You might like to focus your project on expanding your internet presence and business, perhaps considering your own cultural assumptions in thinking about Asian students studying in Australia and at Wollongong.


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