Kristy :)

You should be able to spot me from the loud laugh, sparkles, weird outfits or general over-the-topness. My name is Kristy and I’m currently in my fourth year of a double degree of a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Communications and Media majoring in International Studies.

I recently took a semester off as i was unsure of what job i was getting at the magazine i currently work for, TV Week. I started interning there and after two days i was up for about 3 jobs both full time and part time and now i work there part time. I’ve had a ton published since working there so basically i already have my dream job.

Ultimately i would love to live in America and work there. In the future i hope to keep writing and maybe even write a book or five (If i listen to all the things psychics have told my family since i was born apparently it’ll be a hit but we’ll see). I would also love to work possibly in TV or presenting, depending on where the wind takes me.

My interests are largely in TV, obviously, and i have an obsession with the show Pretty Little Liars. I have a tumblr with just over 15,000 followers and spend way too much time on there. Other interests include reading (I’m so addicted to The Maze Runner right now) and I also love fashion. I would definitely consider fashion journalism one day but for now I’m more of an entertainment journalist.

As for this subject i am unsure of what exactly i want to look into but i think i would really like to look at anything involving TV shows or as Chris suggested even how TV Week translates into Asian culture, like what version of it they have over there. I am definitely open to suggestions.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it!

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