Month: July 2014


Hi everyone!

My name is Amy Hutchesson and I am in my third year of BCMS (probably could have guessed that). I am actually really excited to do this subject as I love Asia! I have been to many different parts of Asia and want to see more! Over the last uni break, I travelled through Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and I had the most incredible time! I love that we get a small fragment of some of these cultures in Australia, yet there is SO much more to discover when you actually go to these places. I especially found this in Japan! I feel like the only piece of Japanese culture we get in Australia is our westernised sushi..

I am also going to be starting an internship with a company this semester which is centralised in Singapore and Malaysia, so there is a lot of Asian influence in my life at the moment. (Including 2-3 times weekly Asian take out) The company that I will be working with is involved with some global brands, so I think my topic of interest will combine culture and globalisation and how these Asian cultures remain so authentic and so different when the world is so rapidly globalising.

It was such a surprise in Singapore because they have every chain or franchise that you can possibly think of from all over the world, including Jamaica Blue from Australia, Max Brenner from USA, Café Nero from the UK! Yet Singapore still manages to have a style of its own! It’s fascinating.

I am doing two majors, one in International Media and Communications and the second in Marketing and Advertising. I am also doing a minor in French. I am not sure what my ideal job would be at the current point in time but I am just grasping every opportunity that comes my way. I love film and theatre and would love to work in the industry. Will have to see what the future holds. May end up living in Asia!


Image: Amy Hutchesson, Singapore, 2014

Week One: Auto-ethnography as research and investigating the production, consumption and circulation of Asian digital media

Reading: Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P. (2011) ‘Autoethnography: An Overview’, Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 12:1.

The reading this week introduces you to autoethnographic method and lead author, Carolyn Ellis, expands on the approach in this audio lecture on music, ethnographic, reflexive writing and personal storytelling.

Further Reading:

Alsop, Christiane K. (2002) Home and Away: Self Reflexive Auto-/Ethnography’, Forum Qualitative Social Research 3:3.

Welcome to DIGC330

DIGC330 – Digital Asia

This is an undergraduate course at the University of Wollongong for students in the Bachelor of Communication and Media studies. More information can be found here.

Subject Description

This subject introduces students to the evolution of Asian digital media and communication, as well as the significance of transnational and diasporic digital Asia in the Australian context. Case studies may include the development of mobile telephony, social media, digital gaming, online shopping and networked activism in East, South and Southeast Asia, and diasporic media and fan consumption in Australia. Students will learn to locate digital Asia within historical and cultural contexts as well as current theoretical, industry and policy debates.

Subject Objectives

On successful completion of the subject, students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of issues concerning the production, consumption and circulation of Asian digital media. 2. Demonstrate an ability to communicate using digital technologies. 3. Demonstrate an ability to respond to a brief and write a project proposal. 4. Demonstrate an ability to independently research an aspect of Asian digital media and produce work (written or creative) about it.

Assessment Structure

1. Blog posts (3000 words) (30%) 2. Group project (1000 words) (30%) 3. Major essay (2000 words) (40%) OR Digital work and reflective analysis (2000 words equivalent) (40%)